Foo Man Chew, a Pekingese certified therapy dog, who started out his life as a stray, has had more than his share of medical and surgical treatments. he has had several major neurological events with paralysis, having to have neck and back surgery. Recently he had another neurological event with with a downturning of the left paw. K-Laser treatment was discussed with us as a noninvasive form of therapy, and we opted for this. The day after his 4th treatment he started become weight bearing and stood. The day after that he was back to racing me down the living room area! He’s slowly progressing back to his wonderful self!
Thanks to Dr Anderson for suggesting this treatment and to Kevin, the K-Laser technician, who has been such a caring and knowledgeable professional!
— Carol
Thank you Dr. Emerson for the compassionate and thorough care you gave to Isabella!! I will call Dr. Hopkins tomorrow and keep u posted on her progress!! I can’t express the appreciation my husband, kids and I have for your devotion to helping Bella through this tough time!
— Bridget
I cannot thank you all for all of your care and help with my Lady over the past two days. I am so very confident that she is getting the best care possible.”
— Melissa
Dear Dr. Anderson: On January 25, 2012, you performed extensive dental surgery on our 10 year old beagle, Maggie. We met with your assistant, (Kevin) and were amazed to learn the details as to how damaged her mouth had become. But more importantly, we began to get an idea as to how skilled you are as a surgeon and how persistent you are in taking on a time-consuming dental correction. We want you to know how grateful we are to you for your extended work on this dog, who is our ‘baby. Many thanks is caring for our dog. We appreciate very much all your efforts.
— Rod & Carol